Sweet Nursery

Planning a nursery is a magical moment when you are finally able to project yourself to welcome your most precious thing.

Some parents leave to the last minute like me but I would recommend getting ready for some things a few months before THE day. Because you don’t realize how precious is your free time before becoming a parent.

The first stage is picking your color palette so if you decide to paint you can do it a few months ahead. I would recommend using a paint baby friendly so the smell is not too overwhelming even for the mum. And painting on wall accent could be enough to bring the room alive.

Wallpaper is always a great solution to animate with colors and kids love watching at prints.

I know often we end up using the smallest room in our home and try to fit the maximum to make our first few months of a marathon as comfortable as possible. I advise not to over clothering the space. We want to keep the room easy to clean and over stimulate out little one for their sleep time.

I think pastels colors are the best choice to keep things cozy and delicate.

Reusing some of your old furniture is nice. No need to bu everything new there is a lot of other expenses coming with the little ones. But I would advise trying to look for a maximum of organic and non-toxic materials and fabrics to keep our little ones safe.

And of course please keep in mind all safety measures

Nothing in the crib

Safe electricity plugs

Safety mounting of all shelves and pictures