Bohemian Interior -Midtown-

The theme of the project was to recreate a warmer and bohemian style with the sweet accent of an African feel. Homes can be so easily refreshed or even redesigned by changing very few accessories giving them a slightly different identity.

Re-arranging the furniture, bringing different notes of color or even repainting or wallpapering one corner can change the entire theme.

Color and various patterns have been very fashionable in recent seasons, this has followed through to interiors. Combining different colorful elements can be express various themes, like bohemian, but also modern and Scandinavian.

So allow yourself to combine a few various elements you like in a very determined theme and style.

And don’t forget to frame it all with beautiful plants, we all need them in a city like New York City.


Client: Witness Apartment Date: January 25, 2016


French Bohemian -Cape Town-
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Summer breeze -Midtown-
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