Fashion Against Aids

H&M  The Festival collection

H&M has raised founds against Aids, by designing a collection specially for summer festivals, all the right outfits to sparkle in the latest music festivals. 25% of the sales price goes to HIV/AIDS prevention projects for youth all over the world carried out by DAA, YouthAIDS, UNFPA and MTV Staying Alive Foundation. Last year the project has managed to collect over 2.2 Million Dollars!! Not only that they had designed a very cool rock and bohemian line, but they added all the necessary goods like sleeping bags, chairs, handphones and others… to have the most fun while getting crazy in the crowed!!

This project has a special place in my heart, knowing that 88% of the people carrying HIV are in Africa, and specially in South Africa 12% of the South Africa population!! They need help!

But i want to do a special SHOOT OUT to some of the guy community in Paris!! I have been told by the laboritor of the Marrais in Paris that the Aids is getting banalized in the men guy community, since the french government is taking fulling charges of the treatment. Please think of all those poor kids that are born with the virus in Africa, and have no access at all to any medication so please STOP for them.

Protect the other!! USE A CONDOM!!!


Wedge Sneakers

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OverAlls Over and Over

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April 8, 2013 0

Forever 21

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