Southern Hemisphere Winter

3 Apr

For all my friend back to South Africa, let me help you with your upcoming winter shopping.

Find the perfect coat or jacket to keep you sexy and warm!


Top and the leather arm jacket are Zara, the rest is Mango!

I’m loving the marine look and i think it will suit Cape town even better. The one that Kate Moss is wear is great for in between season, and pretty affordable! I have it and it’s been a great buy, easy to layer it under and suits every color and style!

Here is the essential shopping 


Pencil skirt, boots and neckless from Mr price. Sweaters and bag, Mango. Shirt and hat form Cotton on.

Mix match your style, Feminin and Masculin element, Sexy and Sportive, Oversized and Fitted, Studs and Cowboy hats… Let it go and combining different prints and material. You are free of trends only if you got the right items.

I personally love playing with colors, adding big pieces of jewelry, or wearing big hats or beanies. Just play with it!

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  1. michelle 04. Apr, 2013 at 6:12 am #

    Thanks Sylvie great tips as always!

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