Shoppeuse Personnelle

22 Aug

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J’ai eu l’occasion de prouver mon experience en tant qu’ image consultante et styliste lors de quelques emissions de Comment ca va bien, sur France 2.

Comment ca va bien

Ce qui prouve que je suis capable de vous aider a choisir les tendances mais surtout, les styles et modeles vraiment adaptes a votre morphologie. Je peux donc vous arranger votre garde robe grace a mes services de Shoppeuse Personnelle.

Apres une courte consultation de votre dressing, je vous embarque dans un shopping express, pour trouver les elements principaux de chaque saison. Parce que je connais chaque boutique par coeur, et je sais quel modele vous y ira le mieux, notre shopping peut se faire en un apres-midi.


Les tarifs sont de 75 euros pour la consultation et la journee shopping entre 150 et 250 euros, Homme et Femme.

Contactez moi au






Personal Shopper

22 Aug

Trust me as fashion consultant.

My french tv show

I had the chance of  showing my styling talent on TV.

Which style to wear for which type of bodies and as well where to find for an affordable price… I can give you maximum advises through a Personal Shopper experience.

Paris, New York, South Africa I can take you on the most efficient shopping trip of your life. If you never know which trend the follow, the color of the season, which shapes suits you body better… I can help find it all in a short amount of time and make you save money.

#First we need to set an hour meeting at your place or elsewhere to figure our goals and check out your wardrobe.

#Then we’re off shopping, since I know every store, I will help you save up some precious time, a half day should be enough… but there is always the option of me doing the shopping and bringing you the goodies.

My fees are 75 euros or $100 for the first consultant,

Depending of the mission the shopping 150-250 euros, $200-300.

Contact for any question

Trust me it will be worth it.


Wedge Sneakers

9 May

I believe Isabel Marant really manage to create a revolutionary sexy sneaker, that I so easy and comfortable to wear in any type of situation, season and generation.
She already had few different styles and plenty of trendy colors. The only thing that they are expensive! But any good product will of course be copied and I will show you few models that are almost as comfortable but way cheaper.
Aldo came up straight away last year with 2 really good models, and I haven’t stop wearing mine.
Since then they have came out with a huge range colors, studs, scratches… Any thing you can image, they are priced between 80 to 150 Dollars.

I would suggest to find more the simple models, personally not crazy about scratches models.
Keep it simple, and can be worn with any thing any season.


18 Apr

We have seen strips every way, on top and bottoms. But which ones to choose for our bodies?

Stripes can makes us think of prisonniers or even footlockers t-shirt… But there is some thing quite Rock’n'roll and funky to it… But it all depend how you wear it…

You can keep it quick elegant with just a black and white blouse from Zara, with very neutral bottoms

stripstop zara

Have it more funky with the bottom striped, even both combined.


You should play with stipes, combine it with different pattern in the same color combination. It works better for bigger girls with lighter colors. Or if you wanna keep in black and white i would advise you to go for lager sized, so it’s not too fitted.

Many combinations can be created, just try them out, and feel good about it.


OverAlls Over and Over

8 Apr

Man I miss my overall so much and specially when the days are getting warmer. I love the idea of having tones of pockets so I don’t need to carry a bag. And i just love the memories of my childhood ruining around with Oshkosh b’gosh. By the way I still have my last one of them size 18, from my teenagers years… My friends from high school (hein! Louloute?!) still mock me cause of my super baggy oshkosh look!

But overalls are back… definitely in slimmer versions, here are some wintery ideas.

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 1.42.17 AM

I love wearing my with my sweater tucked in, rolled up of course and some boots for hight! I shopped around for you and this is what I found.


I would recommended to wear it low waist, rolled up and just add a bit of hight with your shoes… Spice it out with some jewelry but meanly try to stay simple and comfortable.

Forever 21

4 Apr

It took me a long time but this brand growing on me. I only use to go buy my gym outfits and then I always end up buying some thing that would last me few years. I know it’s a scary store full of noisy teenagers, but in between all that there is many nice things for a great price.

It’s pretty worth for the price, and if you are not brave enough just do your shopping online it’s way easier.
Big fan of their plus size division!

Artistic Tanit

3 Apr


French connection check shirt.


Earl jean shirt, and vintage white leader skirt.

IMG_2872Silk Mango shirt, Lee jeans.

IMG_2412Silk floral Vanessa Bruno dress

Thanks to the fabulous Tanit, and my amazing sister, Katia, the photgrapher.

Katia Lekarski’s website

Southern Hemisphere Winter

3 Apr

For all my friend back to South Africa, let me help you with your upcoming winter shopping.

Find the perfect coat or jacket to keep you sexy and warm!


Top and the leather arm jacket are Zara, the rest is Mango!

I’m loving the marine look and i think it will suit Cape town even better. The one that Kate Moss is wear is great for in between season, and pretty affordable! I have it and it’s been a great buy, easy to layer it under and suits every color and style!

Here is the essential shopping 


Pencil skirt, boots and neckless from Mr price. Sweaters and bag, Mango. Shirt and hat form Cotton on.

Mix match your style, Feminin and Masculin element, Sexy and Sportive, Oversized and Fitted, Studs and Cowboy hats… Let it go and combining different prints and material. You are free of trends only if you got the right items.

I personally love playing with colors, adding big pieces of jewelry, or wearing big hats or beanies. Just play with it!

Linen biker jacket

2 Apr

I lovet his jacket form H&M, so I wanted to show 3 total H&M looks and different ways how to wear it .

Screen shot 2013-04-02 at 1.53.39 AM

the day look with jeans, sweater and oxfords. Comfy and easy!

Screen shot 2013-04-02 at 1.48.41 AM

Baby doll dress, sucks and heels. Retro and edgy!

Screen shot 2013-04-02 at 1.56.48 AM

Ankle black pants, and peplum top. Sexy and simple!


Spring closet cleaning and recycling

26 Mar

Screen shot 2013-03-25 at 11.21.25 PM

We have this image of H&M as the fast fashion and low cost brand… Well they have surprised me, more then few times, with amazing items that i have kept over the years and over the different trends.

That means that they can offer you quality!

But this campaign is about conscience consuming. H&M is telling us through their campaign, DON’T LET FASHION GO TO WAIST. It’s a new recycling system for your old clothes. You can bring up to 2 bags per day into their store, and would receive a discount voucher per bag for your next purchase…

Screen shot 2013-03-26 at 10.47.13 PM

The clothes can be recycle into different material, into energy or reuse to give to charity.

So keep in mind while you start your spring closet cleaning, H&M is helping us out!

And check out the video!

Vanessa in Wonder Land